How to Backup Emails from Hotmail Account?

Hotmail Backup is an effectual software designed for creating local backup of Hotmail account.

how to backup hotmail account

Hotmail, presently known as, is a web-based email client hosted by Microsoft. It was replaced by in 2013 and the number of users rose to 400 million users.

History holds the proof, that there have been many instances when Hotmail security was breached and the user data was compromised. A number of accounts were tampered lading to a huge data loss of the customers.

Why Do We Create Hotmail Emails Backup?

As backup hotmail emails outlook discussed earlier in this article, the security compromises of Hotmail account has not remained hidden from the people. During the period of august 7 to August 31 in the year 2011, millions of users faced security breach and ultimately had to face loss of their crucial emails.

Such instances prove that creating a backup of cloud data is an essential need that should not be avoided. The users working on cloud at times get a false sense of security and end up in facing tremendous loss of data. Therefore, backups prove to be a useful source of data when the data from cloud is compromised. Not only the backups enable the users to restore their data to their original location, they also ensure that even if the data from the cloud is wiped away, the user will still possess a local copy of that data.

How to backup Emails from Hotmail?

The manual solutions do not prove to be useful when it comes to creating backup of Hotmail emails. They either take a lot of time or end up in taking incomplete backup of the Hotmail account.

Therefore, in such situations, it becomes necessary fir the users to deploy alternative solutions to backup Hotmail emails. One such commercial utility is Hotmail Backup. The hotmail backup software is solely designed with the purpose of creating a local backup of Hotmail emails in different file formats like PST, EML, MSG and MBOX. The backup emails gives the option to create backup of selective emails of Hotmail with the help of email filters. In addition to this, the backup hotmail folders software also gives the option to delete all the emails from the Hotmail server once the entire emails are backed up in the local machine. It is the most download hotmail emails to hard drive effective solution for creating backup of Hotmail emails.